The Fort Meade Alliance Foundation takes great pride in the men and women who make up the fabric of our community. Our purpose is to provide support and the resources they need to thrive. We need your donations to continue to make that happen.

Fort Meade is home to the dedicated men and women who are on the frontlines of a global battle in cyber space and beyond. Their commitment to the mission keeps our nation safe.

By donating to resiliency efforts and enhancing education initiatives on and around Fort Meade, you can help service personnel, their families and the DoD Community deal with the pressures of protecting our country and preparing an inclusive workforce to take over that vital mission.

From Classrooms to Careers

Jonathan Bamgbade has always had a natural curiosity about anything STEM related. He often participated in after school programs that ranged from designing, building and launching a rocket to designing, building and revealing a robot. At a young age, Jonathan noticed that when he combined his drive to understand how things worked with his commitment to learning process, he found the tangible outcome of his labor fulfilling.

Connecting with Compassion

Before her three tours at Fort Meade, former Chief of Preventive Medicine Services Col. Beverly Maliner (Ret.) was given countless opportunities to develop her expertise of diagnosis and clinical regimens. Each experience fueled her drive to broaden her worldview while also humbling her with a repeated observation — the need for human compassion.

Unifying Our Community

Belongingness — feeling part of a greater community of like-minders — is an essential ingredient for anyone to thrive. Without it, a sense of isolation cultivates instead and can lead to hopelessness, depression and even suicide. It’s a basic human need to have a place to go and belong.

Silencing the Stigma

It’s relentless. The influx of urgent information and the reality of disturbing situations create a stress our service members know all too well — and it’s relentless. While D0D employees and civilian contractors are not immune to absorbing the complex weight of keeping our nation safe, Ed Rothstein (COL Ret.), Former Fort Meade Garrison Commander, knew his decades in uniform took some kind of toll on him, yet also hesitated to reach out. Like so many other service members and civilians, Ed was confronted with the stigma of asking for help.

Awakening the Potential

There are no limits, only gaps. The Fort Meade Region is a hotspot for our Nation’s cyber communications, intelligence and global security and, as technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, our public-school system is scrambling to bridge the workforce gaps. Resolution begins by offering real-time access to the high-tech world for students peering into their own future. Resolution begins with STEM.

By becoming a part of our Circle of Support, you’re making it possible for the FMA Foundation to continue its mission to ensure a thriving Fort Meade community by supporting vital resiliency efforts, creating valuable education initiatives and building opportunities for an inclusive workforce. #FMAFCircleofSupport