The Need/Challenge

A variety of resiliency services exist on post and in surrounding areas, but are considered fragmented and not easily accessible. Soldiers, DoD civilians and their families need “a place to go” to find those resources and empower them to be the best they can be.

The need to support our brave men, women, DoD employees, retirees and families of Fort Meade is increasing every day.

  • At any given time, there are approximately 400 Army service members transitioning out of the military at Fort Meade. The military unemployment rate is 7.1 percent, nearly 2 percent higher than the national average.
  • Fort Meade’s Behavior Health Programs had more than 27,600 appointments in 2015 — an increase of 2,500 from 2014
  • Fort Meade had 4,257 wellness program encounters through individual appointments and group classes in 2015.  The installation has the capacity to serve twice that amount.

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Why is resiliency so important to the defense community at Fort Meade?

“Resiliency is the ability to course correct when challenges occur; it is the capacity to make hard decisions and find resources, especially in adverse circumstances.”
-Ed Rothstein (COL Ret.), Former Fort Meade Garrison Commander

“A ready and resilient military force is vital to the defense of our nation.
We owe it to our service men and women to provide the best resources possible.”

-Col. Brian Foley, Former Fort Meade Garrison Commander