Kuhn Hall Fund

Historic Kuhn Hall is being renovated to establish a centrally located and operated Education and Resiliency Center, a “one-stop-shop” where service members, DoD civilians, veterans, retirees and their families can go to meet their unique educational, social, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


What is the Current Status of the Education and Resiliency Center?

2020 was a productive year for the Fort Meade Alliance Foundation Kuhn Hall Campaign. Even in the new COVID-19 world, the process of transforming historic Kuhn Hall on the Fort Meade Installation into a one-stop-shop Education and Resiliency Center is going strong.

In June 2020, after enduring multiple layers of review, the U.S. Secretary of the Army formally accepted the gift proffer which gave the FMA Foundation approval to begin the long-awaited preconstruction phase. This milestone was symbolically activated the following month in July with an official (and virtual) wall breaking ceremony and roundtable discussion to highlight the importance of the anticipated center. Meanwhile, the prototype for the accompanying digital hub of centralized resources, which will be accessed by visiting the Resiliency Services website and through several kiosks conveniently located inside the Installation, was reviewed, refined and updated.

As of February 2021

Currently, Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, our general contractor, is sifting through the submitted subcontractor bids which cover more than two dozen categories, from concrete and masonry to carpentry, plumbing and electrical.

Meanwhile, the digital hub of centralized resources known as the Fort Meade Resiliency Services Portal is finalized, operating and available online. Constituent feedback has been integrated, software has been tested and users have information for dozens of resources where service members, DoD civilians, veterans, retirees and their families can learn more about where in the region some of their unique needs can be met. Currently, the roll-out plan to bring awareness of the portal’s availability is being finalized while locations for the kiosks — physical platforms of the portal conveniently located inside the post — are being mobilized.

Floor plans for the renovated Kuhn Hall include:

• Reception Area
• Guidance Counseling Offices
• Teaching Kitchen
• Conference Room
• Learning Spaces
• Shared University Offices
• Testing Facility
• Moveable Walls


Information on website and at kiosks include:

• Behavioral Health
• Education, Employment & Employee Assistance
• Family & Child Services
• Financial & Legal Services
• Health & Wellness
• Housing & Moving Services
• Recreation, Travel & Sports
• Social & Community
• Spiritual & Faith

Past Updates

While the timeline above gives the most current update about the Kuhn Hall and Resiliency Programs progress, we have also archived the details from past updates.