Fort Meade Alliance Foundation Selects Inaugural Colonel Kenneth O. McCreedy Scholarship Recipient

May 24, 2012 – The Fort Meade Alliance Foundation has awarded Christopher Patrick Walker the inaugural Colonel Kenneth O. McCreedy Scholarship. Christopher is a senior at Meade High School and a graduate of the Homeland Security Program. In fall 2012, Christopher will be utilizing the McCreedy Scholarship to assist him in furthering his education at Capitol College, located in Laurel, Md. The scholarship is valued at $1,000 annually for the four years Christopher attends the college.

The McCreedy Scholarship was created to assist Meade High School seniors participating in the Homeland Security or Project Lead the Way Programs, whose parent(s) are either military or U.S. DoD civilian employees and plan to go on to higher education in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math or linguistics.

“The Fort Meade Alliance Foundation is proud to award Christopher with our first scholarship,” said FMA Foundation President Rosemary Budd. “His hard work and determination while at Meade High School proves he is a worthy recipient of this scholarship. We wish him all the best as he continues his education at Capitol College.”

Christopher has shown a passion for STEM-related courses while attending Meade High School, and will continue to pursue those studies at Capitol College.

“I plan on concentrating on a computer science degree with exposure in robotics and cyber defense …something that I believe will provide immeasurable growth and job satisfaction as I serve on the front line in the nation’s cyber defense,” Christopher said.

Christopher was awarded the scholarship at a school assembly on May 24 and will be honored again at the Fort Meade Alliance Annual Meeting on June 13 at the BWI Hilton.

The FMA Foundation’s ability to promote educational opportunities beneficial to students and the community-at-large comes from the significant support of the business community and the values held by FMA members. The FMA Foundation welcomes generous participation and support in the effort to contribute to the critical mission that education serves in our complex and technologically sophisticated region. The Foundation is grateful to all the individuals and companies that have generously donated to make this scholarship a reality. The FMA Foundation will award a scholarship to a Meade High School senior annually.