Gala Sponsor Showcase

February 13, 2020 – As a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 110,000 people worldwide, Lockheed Martin’s contributions don’t end with innovations that advance scientific discovery and keep people safe. As a responsible corporate citizen, they also play an active role in strengthening the quality of life in the communities where employees live and work – including Fort Meade.

Given Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Solutions and Spectrum Convergence divisions proximity to the U.S. Army installation, the company has been a dedicated partner with that community for decades.

One primary form of support is through sponsorship of the Fort Meade Alliance Foundation, which recently received the U.S. Army’s Community Partnership Award for its efforts to create the Fort Meade installation’s new Resiliency and Education Center. In total, Lockheed Martin contributed more than $35,000 to fund the multi-million-dollar revitalization of the new facility.

More recently, the company announced its decision to become a top-tier sponsor of the Foundation’s first annual Stars in Service Gala, which takes place this November.

“We cherish our partnership with Fort Meade and all those who live, work and raise their families here,” said Deon Viergutz, Lockheed Martin Spectrum Convergence Vice President and FMA Foundation President.