Letter from the President – Deon Viergutz

I write this parting note 13 years after we began a journey where we really didn’t know the destination…we just knew the mission. Our goal was to familiarize people with the Fort Meade Region and the Fort Meade Alliance mission. We wanted them to fall in love with this community and give their time, talent, AND treasure.

I fell in love with it when I was stationed at Fort Meade in the Army back in 1990. To serve as your FMA Foundation president since 2011 has been nothing short of an indelible honor and privilege.

The FMA Foundation has been grounded in excellence, and committed to be the highest ethical and sound organization that serves the financial needs of the ever-growing Fort Meade Alliance.

I am so proud of what the FMA Foundation has become and accomplished over the years. To that end, it’s with gratitude of all the support I’ve had over the years, that I pass the President’s role to a visionary leader, Steve Tiller.

Steve is no stranger to our organization and no less committed. Steve is the right leader for the right time for our organization and will take us to new heights on our journey.

I’m delighted to continue supporting the FMA Foundation on the board of directors.

In your service,