Nutritional Cooking Kick-Off

The nutritional cooking class, Meal in a Mug, will be hitting new strides this spring.

At the end of April, the Meal in a Mug class will be offered as a monthly opportunity. The class is structured around the idea of breakfast — the most important meal of the day. The program aims to inspire service members to start their day nutritionally, providing their best chance at a productive day.

“Empowering young service members with the knowledge of quick, affordable, and nutritious cooking isn’t just about feeding bodies; it’s about fueling readiness and resilience,” said Dr. Shari Youngblood, Personalized Nutrition & Culinary Medicine Expert at Maryland University of Integrative Health. “By offering these workshops monthly, we’re not just teaching recipes, but instilling lifelong habits that support their physical and mental well-being in and out of the barracks.”

Many of the service members in the barracks only have access to a mini fridge and a microwave. In this class, service members have an opportunity to see how minimal supplies can still lead to a healthy meal. This curriculum is easy to apply to any meal and hopes to inspire a balanced diet.

“Investing in their nutrition today ensures a stronger, healthier force tomorrow,” Youngblood said.

The Meal in a Mug classes take place at the demonstration kitchen in the Education and Resiliency Center at Kuhn Hall.