Spring 2019 Campaign Update

May 2, 2019 – The FMA Foundation had just provided the U.S. Army with our initial gift proffer, which details all aspects of the renovation of Kuhn Hall including design, budgeting and legal documentation. This is a unique effort and a first of its kind for the Army so the review process is still underway and approaching final approval.

In addition, the Department of Defense’s Unified Facility Criteria (UFC) changed late in the process. As a condition of accepting the gift, the new code now requires replacement of windows and doors with bomb-resistant materials and provide protective fencing around external air handler units.

We took advantage of this extra time to increase what we can deliver in Kuhn Hall. We will be purchasing technology to provide a smart classroom with the latest state-of-the art technology such as digital whiteboards and two-way conferencing.
A special thank you to the Baltimore Orioles for a $15,000 gift providing the start of a $500,000 supplemental funding for this campaign.
In addition, the development of the 10-12 interactive resiliency kiosks located throughout the installation is underway. These kiosks will provide users with access to on and off post resiliency services such as mental health services, financial resources and nutrition classes. A special phone-based app will also be developed giving users access to the same information found at the kiosks.
A special thank you to Boeing and Tower Cares for helping to fund this effort and Next Century Corp for developing the software.