Donor Spotlight

June 29, 2022 – T-Rex is committed to supporting our veteran community. Veterans and their families have made countless sacrifices to protect our nation. Someone that serves the nation should know they will be taken care of by the country they served.

A core principle of T-Rex as well as founder Trevor Wilby is to serve those who serve us. Mental health is often neglected due to fear of retribution; however, it is critical that people do not feel pressure to ignore it. This is especially true for those who answer the call to defend this country, where suicide is too often the answer.

Fisher House has been a great support mechanism for wounded veterans and their families and the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation raises awareness of the team effort it takes to secure our country. And now a community facility at Fort Meade’s historic Kuhn Hall takes a step forward to help with mental health — we are proud to support the Education and Resiliency Center.

Thank You, T-Rex, for your support!