New Annual Giving Campaign Kick Off

October 14, 2020 – September 2020 earmarked the launch of our inaugural Annual Giving campaign affectionately known as the Circle of Support. This initiative continues the Foundation’s effort to ensure a thriving Fort Meade community by supporting vital resiliency efforts, creating valuable education initiatives and building opportunities for an inclusive workforce.

The FMA Foundation is helping to fund initiatives that proactively advance the future technology workforce by reaching students through innovative education now while also giving our current service members and DoD personnel opportunities to strengthen their families and decompress from the stressors of keeping our country safe.

“The Circle of Support represents a community that strives to serve Fort Meade and the region,” explains Deon Viergutz, President of the FMA Foundation. “Given the mission of Fort Meade, our commitment to the community is felt throughout the world.”

Lives are being changed through current education and resiliency resources and offering an intentionally centralized hub of support to expand FMA’s programs will propel our collective community forward by eliminated unnecessary gaps in progress.