President’s Message – Deon Viergutz

I am incredibly proud of what the FMA Foundation — and our Fort Meade community — has accomplished this fiscal year.

We enhanced online resources for resiliency services by updating with new listings and resources for the community. Information for dozens of resiliency services under nine categories are at users fingertips and can also be accessed at the eight kiosks throughout the installation.

The Foundation was fortunate enough to receive 2 significant grants from the Video Lottery Local Development Council (LDC). The LDC awarded a $260,000 grant to help fund the increased cost of the Education and Resiliency Center and purchase four additional kiosks to be placed on Fort Meade in the next year. The LDC also awarded a $60,350 grant to pilot a new unique Career Transition Program for military and their spouses. Together with the FMA, we are hard at work putting those funds into good use for the Fort Meade Community.

Of course, the biggest accomplishment for the Foundation to date is the opening of the Education and Resiliency Center in November 2022.

It took 11 years of planning, a $5.4 million fundraising campaign, meticulous processing of an 800-item requirements list and extensive collaboration with six garrison commanders, numerous on-post agencies and innumerable community members to transform historic Kuhn Hall into a modern Education and Resiliency Center.

As a hub intended to deliver the five pillars of resiliency, individuals and their families are able to take advantage of essential programs that will help them with issues and manage the challenges they face.

What a year it’s been! Thank you to all of you who continually support the FMA Foundation’s mission to support education, workforce and military and family initiatives. We look forward to generating even more impact in the year ahead.